How to read the results

The window is divided into four frames:

The two big frames on the bottom contain the submissions whereby similar passages are marked with the same color. Black text means that no matching passage in the other submission was found. In addition, every passage has an associated Forward or Backward. Clicking on these icons sets the focus in the other program frame to the matching passage and scrolls the table on the top to the appropriate position.

The left frame on the top shows the percentage of similarity between the two programs and provides links to the index and to the page you are reading right now.

The right frame finally contains a table of all passages that matched. The table has the following format:

Submission1 (??%)Submission2 (??%)Tokens
- file1 (1-8)file2 (1-10) 23
- file1 (9-20)file2 (15-19) 11

Each row gives a range of line numbers from file1 and file2 that are considered to be the same, along with the size of the passage in tokens. The filenames are a hyperlink to the appropriate passages in both programs. The passage has the color of the small rectangle at the left-hand edge of the row.


Guido Malpohl